Akwa Ibom 2014 Budgets: 7 questions for AKHA Speaker

12 Dec

By Franklyn Isong 

Governor Akpabio

Governor Akpabio

Sam Ikon

1. Can anything new comes out of the 2014 state budget?

2. How many percentage of the previous ones were implemented? 

3. Why do we kept repeating items that were already budgeted for in previous ones?

4. Can the house of assembly actually carry out oversight functions including to investigate the performance/implementation of Akwa Ibom state budgets under your Speakership?

5. Before the 2014 budget estimates now before the house of assembly is hurriedly passed, can the lawmakers have the courage to organise budget defense for the respective Ministries and parastatals with regards to 2013 budget implementation?

6. Is the state legislature an appendage of executive arm of government?

7. Will the “People’s Assembly” exercise some level of independence and get it right by asking the Executive Arm relevant questions in terms of percentage of performance of previous state’s budgets?

Otuekong Franklyn Isong
Public Affairs Analyst
Social Crusader

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