On the Proposed $1.3 billion Deep Sea Port approved for Lagos State: My Comment

8 Dec


Gov Godswill Akpabio

Gov Godswill Akpabio

By Eyenisong

I hope you are not mixing up issues here. Lagos state is to have a Deep Sea project to handle large vessels. Akwa Ibom is to have “uncommon Ibaka deep sea project” with hotels, cinema houses, football field, fertilizer plant, petrochemical industry, refinery plant, airport, 10 lanes all rolled into that one project. Please exercise patience as government is doing everything possible to commence the “uncommon project” on May 29, 2015. 
Already, over 5000 hectares of land had been acquired and certificate of occupancy issued to the Federal Ministry of Transport for the purpose.

Perhaps you do not understand how it works out here. We have “Tropicana” entertainment center that was designed to host a 25 storey 5 star hotel with water fountains and a lot of other facilities. But because of lack of space in the air, the government is “increasing” (depending on where you are) or decreasing the floors from 25 storeys to 15. This is the latest on Tropicana and you better believe because it is from the horses mouth – the governor’s. This is after project had been designed, cost ascertained, and mobilization paid to the consultant(s)/contractors. The House of Assembly similarly appropriated fund based on the design and cost submitted. Don’t ask me if the AKHA is in the know about the project concept review.

Of course there is a precedence. Akwa Ibom state had before the celebration of its 24th anniversary, awarded contract for a 10 lane ring road from Abak road to Nwaniba road. After “work had reached advanced stage”, it was discovered that 10 lanes would not be enough so the government had to “increase” the lanes from 10 to 2. What to do? Some of the lanes had to be re-grassed otherwise, where are the 10 lanes that work had reached advanced stage on?

So you see, on May 29th 2015, 31 industries would be commissioned, Ibom Power plant expansion upgraded to 500 megawatts would also be commissioned. Other projects marked for commissioning are the refinery plant, fertilizer and petrochemical industries, container terminal at Ukana, Ibom Airport Hanger for maintenance of aircrafts and even the road to my late mother’s kitchen. Watch out. 

By the way, the much talked about gas gathering project with the plant at Esit Eket is “progressing” in earnest. But nobody is talking about this again o! This project was handled by Septa Energy, a subsidiary of Seven Energy. Akwa Ibom state fund already sunk into this? Gone down the drains. 

This indeed is uncommon transformation!

Eyenisong, PHC, Nig.


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