You Can Kill The Messenger, But You Cannot Kill The Truth

2 Dec
Clayton Udoh

Clayton Udoh

It’s my petty fear of personal rejection that allows so many true evils to exist. My cowardice enables atrocities.”
― Chuck PalahniukDamned.

The fact of the matter (Which may sound cliché) is that there is darkness and there is light. I do not care about the mechanizations of darkness, which insist that what is not right, must be the norm, for the sake of hungry cowards and bitch men.

If what you stand for is the manifestation of what is correct and the light, then state your position clearly and add your name to it. You are a coward when you hide behind pseudonyms and other things to protect your sinister, dark and satanic stand. You know its not right so you cannot stand by it; so you have to hide your identity as an affirmation of the bitch that you are.

It is a judgment, against a group of people that whenever the truth is being told, it is killed by people who form fake identities online and in the society.

The fake idea that the evil we see today in the society will go away is total fallacy. It will not because when you give Satan a mile he takes ten! So therefore free speech should never be muzzled by the Neanderthals. 

Let’s get one thing right, be it me, be it Uwem Sam, be it Ace Sampson and others that have evolved as true men to be able to attach our names to our stands let it be known for posterity that we are real. Not Jerry Peters or Arit Bassey (Anietie Ekong) and all the other bitch acts we have seen in the forums that cannot take another opposite view without resorting to the ultimate level of cowardice. Here me out, I have passed the stage in which I am afraid of being ridiculed or killed. The people’s suffering is beyond my own selfish desires.

Am I to be haunted by masks now?”
― Jean LorrainMonsieur De Phocas

The difference between us and the civilized societies of the world is our romance with the mask. From the mist of time we have been enamored by masks in which we hide or satanic whims from being identified with whom we truly are. From the Ekpo Masquerade cult to the present day kidnapper and the assassin to the compound idiot forming fake identities online or in the society for fear of revealing the identity behind the level of mental degradation spurred by hunger as an animal. They all have the same attributes; they hide their identities because they represent the lowest of the low. Very rarely, do we have people who can stand by what they say, with their true identities because there are a low number of them that really think straight!

I do not care if you like me or not, my argument is simple, if you cannot come out mano a mano with opinions and ideas but you capitalize on the cowardice of the people to hide and spew trash then let it be known to all and sundry that you are sub-human.


I do not care if the Leech is from our tribe or not, or that they are your in-laws or not, when they slip we will call them out and it will anger you because the truth is not in you.

The year 2013, is the year that God designed for me, to show me how low men can go, in the name of survival. Meanwhile they have become so short-sighted that they refuse to see the futility of maintaining the status quo.

From Praise Worship, to the abandonment of rational thinking, to Begging for favor by making bitch news in an email forum, instead of opening your own news outfit. So many bitch news makers that you wonder who the Governor’s Press secretary is and who are the Commissioner’s Press Assistants? Who vets all these news sources?

So you spend a lifetime making bitch news and then will your children follow your example? Your Grandchildren? Your descendants?

Yeah, that a Commissioner whose portfolio has nothing to do with the building of Uyo Stadium, the picture of him standing in Manchester United’s dressing room is connected with how complex Uyo Stadium will be! I mean is there a limit to shoe licking worship transformed into bitch email news?

Look we have been accurate and still people insist on the primitive, then you wonder.

So where is AIDN today? Where are all the proposals, all you hungry Akwa Ibom men and women submitted to them? What did I say?
You all kept quiet, saying whatever happened to Clayton Udoh in Arizona will not happen to me. Yep, in the end, how many proposals went through ? It was all about greed, it did not matter if the person next to you got killed, if only yours can go through! It doesn’t matter if the people back home are suffering ,if you could only be called for a position in Uyo!

In the end. How many of you Akwa Ibom women were not properly laid because you wanted contract in Uyo? I mean married women!!! Husband’s looked the other way hoping Governor would call them.
Meanwhile Governor had no idea what happened because your hunger allowed junior boys to deceive you. I mean PAs (Personal Assistants).

I know people who borrowed money to fly to “Economic Summits” in Texas and they knew the fight itinerary of the Governor more than most of us here in the USA. What happened in the end?
You would see crowds following the Governor to the point of being restrained from following him into the Bathroom when he went to pee. What did you sub-humans get out of it ?

I enjoyed the movie called Akpabio’s administration. I mean, God brought you to America, you were doing well then you got distracted with the lure of easy looted government money. Some of you then started saying things and doing things that equate to the mentality of goats just for the sake of favor. A lot of you threw away the superior training and lines of thinking you knew just so that you may be favored. Finally nothing came out of it and rather you used your limited resources in chasing pipe dreams. Some of you are still silent, hoping not to offend anybody so that you will be called.

I have news for you, nobody is calling you. The political line back home is really long! Nor am I ready to swear on anything and later start selling stuff after eight years of being in power because I swore on something.

So when a brother over here is ready to spill the beans on the nonsense being perpetuated in the name of administration. The least you can do is to subdue the bitch who insist on destroying that brother for a system in which the artificial scarcity of funds we see today is maintained as the status quo. Things must change because I do not want my kids to come and kneel or praise any man no matter the tribe he comes from. Too many people are suffering for us to maintain the status quo.

I praised my teachers, Headmaster, Tutors, Principal, Parents and Church Authority. That’s enough for me and my descendants! No more!

We understand why you may need to act like a goat for survival. After all a true goat’s life is dedicated to whatever can lead to it stuffing leaves into its mouth. However those who think above that level of existence, have the right to show the populace the other side of the story and the atrocities that can be committed, when one is dedicated to sticking leaves into its mouth all day long!

Clayton Udoh
Mesa, AZ

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