2 Dec

By Uwem Sam


Gov Godswill Akpabio

Gov Godswill Akpabio

After years of lamentation and crying for help, finally, our correspondent can authoritatively report that the good people of Oron nation is up to put things right for their people and the generation to come. According to our source the true sons of Oro Nation took it upon themselves to let Gov. Akpabio know that they are not coward. It was on this basis that a select  indigenous Sons of Oron met at the instance of Chief Edet Nkpubre, former South-South Vice Chairman of the PDP last night (28th Nov. 2013) to chart the way forward for the Oron Nation against 2015. The meeting held at Chief Nkpubre’s Ewet Housing Estate residence, Uyo. Other prominent Oron people who attended the meeting included Chief Effiong Abia, Commissioner for Rural Development, Chief Jerry Okpo, Chief Okon Osung, Chief Effiong Edunam and other party stalwarts. Chief Nkpubre stated that it was obvious the Governor did not have the interest of Oro at heart at any time during his expiring tenure and does not plan any remedy for the Oron nation in the near future.

 He stated that the effort of Governor Akpabio to install Udom Emmanuel as his successor was the latest insult on the psyche of the Oron Nation. He emphasized that the hatred for Oro nation by the Governor started when the Governor ignored the usual sharing formula for public offices from 2007 till date. He stated that the most bizarre contempt for the Oron nation came in his second term when Governor Akpabio completely sidelined Oron Nation in consideration for the office of Speaker or Chairman of the Party as was the usual custom. He had no alternative either.
In his response, Chief Effiong Abia declared that he no longer had confidence in the Governor. He lamented that the Governor was in the bad habit of making false promises to his aides only to disappoint them at the tail end. He claimed that Governor Godswill Akpabio had encouraged him to run for the office. He also claimed that the Governor also encouraged Bassey Albert, Finance Commissioner, Okpolubm Ette and other cabinet members like Ekpenyong Ntekim to run for the office only to derail them at the end of the day as if they were sub human. He expressed disappointment at the utter neglect of Oron Roads and other infrastructure and assured all at the meeting that the so-called Steering Committee appointed by the Governor to usher in Udom Emmanuel would fail.
The meeting came to a close with the resolution to cause civil awareness of the civil disobedience and rallies in Oron to protest against the marginalization by the Akpabio Government. The Commissioner later donated the sum of N1,000,000 (One million Naira) for transport to the attendees.
Political watchers are united in the opinion that Akpabio has developed an unwholesome strategy of deliberately causing hunger in the land by denying contractors and prominent citizens of funds in order to create some hunger induced loyalty towards the 2015 political alignments. Chiefs Okon Osung, Effiong Edunam and Jerry Okpo who were earlier accused of obtaining ₦250 million from Governor Akpabio remained silent throughout the meeting.
Oron nation must take their destiny into their hands else somebody like Gov. Akpabio will continue to fool them. The Oron people need to support a character of Obong Victor Attah who did not discriminate in spreading the wealth of the State to all areas of the State. Yes! it will be wise to support someone with a proven record not an imported fly by night politician, groomed by Gov. Akpabio .
uwem sam
liberty voice
los nageles.


  1. Okon E Okon January 12, 2014 at 11:34 am #

    This is a false report. This did not happen.


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