My Reaction to Assam Assam Interview

23 Nov
By Eyenisong Ibibio
Talking about primaries and imposition of candidate reminds me of PDP Governorship primaries held in 2006 at the premises of the State House of Assembly. Barr Assam Assam and Senator Anietie Okon became the centre of attraction as they put up a spectacular show to lighten the ocassion.

The cream of who is who in Akwa Ibom politics was there. Contestants, delegates, party officials, security personnel, the press and others.

Music blared from the Public Adrress System and from the speakers of the hired DJ. It was to this spot Barr Assam Assam and Senator Anietie Okon went for dancing and singing session. Did they clutch something like good wine bottles under their ampits? Let me guess.

I still remember the particular tune of music that turned on the duo. They sang in mockery and protest that night. The title of the song track was “Ukara Jehova”. The lyrics go thus: “Satan akpe anam se enye ananam, ami ndituake ibout nno enye, ukara Jehova, eye osongho ada nke nisisi”. 

You would not believe what the duo made of the lyrics as they turned them (lyrics) into protest song. To them the lyrics was made to become: “Victor Attah anam se enye ananam, ami ndituake ibout nno enye, ukara Jehova, eye osongho ada ke nsisi”. To this tune, they danced, sang and “partied” till day break.

You would think they were tired after that long night, but how wrong! Then came the visit of Gov Attah to the venue the next day. As the governor approached their booth where the DJ had evidently been asked by the duo, to do an encore of their favourite track, Barr Assam Assam and Sen Anietie Okon joined their voices in singing the tune, changed their dance steps and drew unmistakable attention of Gov Attah. They continued in their protest song using their new found lyrics “Victor Attah anam se enye ananam…..” Attah came close enough to the booth, watched the two elder statesmen as they sang on not bothered by his presence; he laughed and turned away. The laughter of a “father” who on seeing his children display “mischievous” stunts, merely got amused. No anger was shown, no reprimand and never attempted to disrupt the enjoyment of his “political sons”

It was fun. Inspite of the stress of the night, the tension ocassioned by the political situation, there was peace. People moved from point to point freely all through the night without molestation. Contestants sat together chatting away their anxiety.
This, indeed was “sport”.

There was business activities all through the night; bars at “Maitama” (Ewet Housing) sold out their stock. Emergency bars set up around the vicinity sold out whatever they had. Same went for food vendors who were under severe pressure.

But most importantly, the whole night became celebration time. This was the nomination that produced Godswill Akpabio as PDP candidate. There was no Ibibio. There was no Annang or the like. 

How come a man who emerged under this circumstace and atmosphere to become the governor turned away from the people? Where, when and why did he disconnect from the source of love and power showered on him by the people, his real asset? I keep wondering.

Now, what do you think Akpabio would have done if faced with the same scenario? Would he have indulged a little laughter like Attah did and permit what clearly was a mockery or seeming disrespect to continue in the venue?

I dont know the answer. Guess it yourself.

Barr Assam Assam sir, I cant wait to do my own “etighi” come 2014, by the special grace of God. Dont ask me the song or the lyrics to be distorted and against whom it will be directed but there will be a song.

Eyenisong, PHC, Nig.


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