20 Nov

 By Clayton Bane Udoh


 I must state here, now and for the records THAT THE GOVERNOR DID NOT SUPERVISE ANY OF THE (CRIMINAL) ACTS THAT WAS DONE AGAINST ME… While thanking persons and institutions for their solidarity, I wish all to forgive and forget as I had long forgiven every person for their misdeeds….” – Hon/Barr Onofiok Luke, Akwa Ibom State Law-Maker on his massive beating by Gov. Akpabio’s thugs



ImageDysfunctional people say dysfunctional things. Barrister Onofiok Luke and the whole crowd acting on behalf of the governor can paint it anyway they like.

The fact of the matter remains that Onofiok Luke had a good beating. His coming online to try and convince us that his body received nutrients from the beating is his own business. Trying to convince us that the beating was beneficial to the “Father-Son relationship” that he has with Godswill Akpabio is his own business.
I would not be surprised if he told us that recent blood test showed that the beating even created a flood of vitamin C and Vitamin D and B12 and B6 in his blood stream. I say he might even come online to claim that the beating improved his marriage life who cares? 

Wouldn’t be surprised. After all is there any other thing left to the imagination as far as sycophancy is concerned?
The sucker in the end of the story is Onofiok Luke. He was given what we call an “Impression Beating”. Those who let fly on his Jaw, did it to Impress the Godfather (Godswill Akpabio). If you go back to those guys and search their innermost consciousness they have no regrets launching air strikes on his face. In fact if he shifts the wrong way in front of his “Father” they will do it again.
It is strange that Onofiok Luke’s so called “Father” did not intervene when his face was receiving strong military intervention. His Political “Father” intervened when the surgical strikes on his face was done.

It is not today that the Governor wants to redeem his image in this regards. He has been known to laugh when hearing of serious confrontations made on his behalf. I am talking about confrontations that have led to bodily harm.
He sees revenge on opposition as an act of God and smiles at whatever means exacts the revenge; be it thuggery, be it calamity.

So I am not surprised that when the airstrike began he turned and looked away. We know that the Governor does not supervise beatings done on his behalf but he is aware of the situations and laughs at the unfortunate victim as being stupid enough to oppose his divine destiny.

Now in my earlier writings I mentioned that people sellout themselves and blame others for their demise by resorting to spewing tribal trash. After the beating of Onofiok Luke I have not heard a single statement made about this incident from the so called power groups like IPU or IPC or Uko Ibibio etc . This is where the sellout begins (People remain silent hoping for favor from those who beat their brother to pulp). 

Just saying !!!!!!
Anyway, the worst is the total dehumanization. Just check this out,you are trying to get a suggestion across on your knees (humble House of Assembly sycophant),guys launch airstrike on your face. Then after that pressure is brought to bear and you come online to recount the virtues of the air strike on your face and your Father-Son relationship with the Air Commandant(Godswill Akpabio). The final level of dehumanization. I mean totally sucker punched.
Reminds me of a doctor who had the AIDS virus injected into him. Is there anything more pathetic than an assaulted lawyer who cannot seek legal recourse or an auto mechanic that cannot repair his own car?

I am so tickled by the assertions that he raised his voice. When addressing people in tight political situations in Akwa Abasi Ibom State what is the decibel limit? Yeah,what is the sound limit that if exceeded can lead to air strikes on your face ?

The politically hungry leeches needed a political “god”. Now that you have one, being punched vigorously in the face is no exception for even the greatest of sycophants in the system. Pathetic!


Clayton Udoh


Mesa, Arizona


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