Re-Amaechi Wins Best Governor’s Award …Peterside Hail

19 Nov

By Eyenisong. Ibibio 

Prof Des,Image

I strongly beg to disagree with you on this one. As one of the forumites whose opinion, I read and respect a lot, I think in this case your opinion on Amaechi’s Award appears to be swayed by your professional calling. This is not surprising as you are bound to see things from the pespective of your feeling for your colleagues.

When you say Rivers State University of Science & Technology has been in crisis for two years now without letting your audience or readers know what the nature of the crisis is, you leave a gap which is capable of impairing objective conclusions.

In your opinion, the lecturerers who refuse to join their colleagues in boycotting classes are Amaechi’s boys. For those of us outside, it would be interesting to know the details of how some lecturers come to be known as “Amaechi boys”.

 I cannot but praise Amaechi for his revolution in education in Rivers state 


It’s true that he has had a running battle with some of the academic staff over the choice of the school’s Vice Chancellor. 


He also resisted the institution’s teaching staff being controlled by ASUU reasoning that the institution is owned and funded by the state government and would therefore not accept conditions that are not “favourable” to his state to be imposed.


Whether that is right or wrong, I cant say but I know that the result of that decision enabled the insitution to continue to run its academic actvities without joining the ASUU’s nationwide strike. 


Consequently, students have been receiving lectures and normal academic actvities are going on in the school. 


Should Amaechi be condemned or applauded for this? It’s a yes and no answer Yes if you are a parent or student. No if you are one of the affected teaching staff opposed to Amaechi’s handling of the crisis. But the bottom line is that the school is in session.


Agreed some lecturers who on principle believe that the governor’s influence is overbearing have boycotted lectures but the institution’s time table is running though not as it should considering that some courses may be affected.


Rivers State University of Science & Technology currently uses students’ on-line examinations method for most of its programs. The meaning is that students write their exams on-line and are scored based on their performance in the exams without recourse to unethical practices. This is a big plus.


Again, and as admitted by you, Amaechi’s massive schools infrastructure is second to none in the country. Visit any of the model primary schools and you would be proud of the initiatives of Amaechi in this regard. 


He is currently building model secondary schools in each of the senatorial districts in Rivers state. The infrastructures and facilities here beat most of the Federal universities.


Here, School Inspectorate administration is effective as all schools are monitored to ensure compliance with government policies. Thus as a Head Teacher or Principal, you dare not charge any fees not approved or collect money for books distributed free. 


The school system may not be perfect but by our standard in Nigeria, Amaechi’s schools tower high and above others in the country.


On the other hand, I do not support the practice of giving underserving awards to public office holders. They asked to be voted for to serve. And when they use public funds to build social services, they are given tonnes of awards that make them feel they are the best. This is why some governors now have commissioner for award arrangement and purchase. The awards come in different sizes and shapes with different inscriptions such as”uncommon performer”, “uncommon transformer”, “ono mkpo inam” and man of the year for awarding uncommon contract to Silverbird who in turn rewards its benefactor with the highest title it could. Result: our sins sorry our Naira is washed away thereby. Pity.


Eyenisong Ibibio  PHC, Nig.



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