2015 Election: I Believe In History

18 Nov

By Ekanem Moses
Propose Honest Things, Follow Wholesome Counsels, and Leave the Event to God -From AESOP’s LETTER to His ADOPTED SON

As my thought got raked, it took me to so many events, past, present and the future. In the cause of it wandering, roaming and sauntering to and fro met a hungry wolf which stalked a flock of sheep but couldn’t grab one because a dutiful shepherd watched over them. God is watching over the Ibibios, God is watching over the people of the state. Finding a discarded sheepskin, the wolf placed it over his own fur and slowly crept into the middle of the flock without the shepherd noticing. Instead of pouncing on the nearest lamb and making his escape, since God was with them, the wolf decided to wait until night time when the flock was locked up and the shepherd was eating supper. “Then I’ll have my pick of the flock, the wolf thought, enjoy a most delicious meal, and slip away unseen”. But God never thinks the way man thinks. Unexpectedly that evening, the shepherd decided to have a big supper before retiring. He went to the sheep pen in the dark reached in, and grabbed the first sheep he put his hands on-which turned out to be the wolf-and killed him. What a perfect piece of history, illustrating crawling sentimentality of a wolf. It is better that “The early birds get the worm but the second mouse in get the cheese.
We can all smile cheese! Of the bogeyman that is consistently inconsistent with 2015 sitting in a Limbo. 2015, barely 17 months from now is creating war of urgencies, which requires bold action than plans. It will not be more than enough to announce to Akwa Ibomites that our generals are panting over putting their plans in advance. But I tell who care to listen and take that Akpabio’s perfect plan towards 2015, will not be too good enough, and despite high level of financial involvement as it will meet with formidable floodgate of Allied invasion, and that will be another history as history was made in 2007. History is a wonderful phenomenon. History rekindles old story, it provides us the honest truth, reality, summary, compendium and narrative account of event. Now in Akwa Ibom State, despite those bitter smiles, it is expression of mass of false pretense and ideas, and beneath the false smiles are utter hatred laces with tricky phase. Besides all, there is God that keeps exposing the hidden plans of these evil men, who create fool paradise for Men/Women of same feathers to flock together.
Upon this, there is God. Definitely there is God watching over us and there is no point doubting if God is in Akwa Ibom. He is, having understood that Akwa Ibom State is peopled by the JEWs, mostly the Ibibios, therefore there is God, and there is that natural protection and affection for us. Others can boast of their history, if they have any, for I firmly know and believe that Ibibios in Akwa Ibom are the JEWs. And they are always undefeated; accept by their own mistake, which is also historic. Based on this the current circumstances of their fate is purely in the mighty hands of God. Ever since men who would have spoke for us failed in all ramifications in their responsibility by flocking together to kiss and fondle strange gods for POWER, by abandoning what they were NATURALLY GIVEN. The mouthing unity is now stark naked as the vail covering it has been ripped open and desecrated. From historical perspective, it is only sojourners that often crave for recognition, while an inhabitant remains confident because he knows his root. Most people do not know their root, that is why they are desperately perspiring amassing wealth to sustain them for their remaining years on earth.
The poetic application of this article is an answer to the desperate and effortless move or attempt by Governor Akpabio to hand down a successor to the people. May we know why it is all that necessary and important, to produce a successor. Though he has lied again that he has no particular candidate during the recent media chat, if it is true why did he give five hundred thousand naira to each PDP chapter chairman along with a promise of cars. I may not blame his flaws because Oscar Levant says that a politician is a person who will double-cross a bridge before the comes to it, upon all the “uncommon” incidents going on in the state, the state stands “uncommonly” transformed, albeit with loud mouth and grandiloquent verbosity. Akpabio has the ability to exhibit strength with brutality; courage with recklessness; honesty with priggishness; honour with frivolities and compassion with sentimentality.
Despite the unpleasant traits, they are those who still trust in him. If Akpabio has been getting into odd situation by mistake, couldn’t be seen to be in repetition. Is it not clear by now that Akpabio is promoting ethnic cause, that he is using his political power to gain undue control over others who so wish. This political recklessness of the highest order probably formed out of gutter is his uncouth brigandage and wanton display of the power through ethnic divide, before taking to AKHA, it steadily drove pass the civil service of the state. The elders have had their own share, youths and women have a story to tell, that is why some former political office holders in the state are dying gradually without their severance allowances. But it is a good thing that every sphere has tasted his acidic “uncommon” touch and treatment. It is good that what is happening is to the same people who regarded him as tin god. At least they can count their tales of woes and disappointments loudly. Their agonizing pains and experiences is extremely beyond their expectation. But how I wish Hon. Onofiok Luke was the speaker of the House of Assembly. He would have given him a good jolly ride by now.
I like courageous people who are not in any way human in a sheep and human parrot. If Onofiok Luke was the speaker, I am sure he would have used his daring position to streamline Akpabio’s egocentric manners and characters. For what took place in Ika, is dumbfounded for it means we have no organized and responsible men in the corridor of power. Doesn’t the Governor of Akwa Ibom State, have a better place than burial ground he would have summoned them to, if he was so keen to know what happened in the AKHA among them. How can a Governor of a state, took a decision concerning a whole state at an unusual venue, and how can he be trusted that the sword he brought out would be sheathed, is he not the one who opened the door for the division by having meeting with lawmakers from his own descent. The truth is, whether he is taking Hill Top Mansion to Ukana Ikot Ntuen or not, he can’t ever be in power for ever. For soldier come, soldier go, and barrack remains.
What are happened is billion experiences for the Ibibios and the entire state. Florence Lus comb says “there is no end to what you can accomplish if you don’t care who gets the credit”. This not so here, by Akpabio Ibom calculation every credit should be given to him, and him alone. Forgetting what Mary Waldrip says “When someone sings his own praises, he always get the turn too high”. But he keeps singing. Dying for an idea doesn’t make as much sense as letting the idea die – Wyndham Lewis. He does not want to let the idea of foisting a successor on the people die, rather he may be ready to die for an idea, why – a paradox of leader and power intoxication. May be Akpabio and co has forgotten these are the same people who resisted such attempt in 2007, that saw him in. As far as he has taught us how to climb, we will know how to descend by ourselves. Akpabio ought to know that war kills the captain and the river kills swimmers and even the cutlass kills the goat. 
There is a brief tutelage to learn from Yoruba stories as told by Bakare Gbadamosi and Ulli Beier titled: “When the man who knows no disaster hears weeping, he thinks it is song”. There once lived a brave hunter who used danger like others use water to wash. He went into the darkest forest where he met snakes and leopards and spirits and monsters: but when death is not yet ready to receive a person, he must think of ways to save him. The hunter survived the most difficult situation and began to think that there was nothing he could not do. When the hunters wife gave birth gave to a child he proudly announced that he would go and bring taro live baby leopards from the bush to be sacrificed at the naming ceremony. Nobody believed that he would be able to do it. But the hunter set out and went through the forest. In the end he found two leopard cubs that were playing in front of their lair. Their mother had gone out to collect some ford so it was easy for the hunter to pack up the baby leopards and drag them into the town.
There was a great surprise everywhere when he reached home, and the people praised him and said: “Whether it is medicine, or whether it is courage, surely God is on his side as well”. But when the mother leopard got home she could not find her children anywhere. In the end she went to consult the rabbit, who was versed in the Ifa Orade. When the leopard heard what had happened she ran to save her children, but as she got near the town she changed herself to a beautiful woman. She went to the hunter’s house and said she was a stranger in a town and could she stay with him to witness the naming ceremony of his child next day? Now the hunter looked at the woman and he did not know whether she could be trusted. He thought within himself: a woman is not a palm kernel, which you can cut open to examine the inside. Yet the woman was so beautiful that he forget his fears and he welcomed her in. in the night, when he went to play with his beautiful guest, she asked him to spare the baby leopards. “I have a ways wanted to won a pair of baby leopards”, she said, “and I want to bring them up like dogs”. But the man said to her: have announced to the whole town that I will sacrifice them tomorrow. Do you expect me to disappoint them all? “A word is like water-once spilled, it cannot be gathered again. Then the woman wept bitterly, but the hunter took it lightly and suspected nothing.
For when the man who knows no disaster hears weeping, he thinks it is song. On the next day he celebrated the naming ceremony of his son and he sacrificed the two little leopards as he said. The beautiful woman said nothing. But during the night, as he was lying with her, she suddenly turned back into a leopard and ripped open his skill. When the townspeople found him dead in the morning they said: “Death is a visitor who will always take us by surprise. All our lives we have been cooking for him and he fails to come and eat. But one day, on which we are not ready for him, he demands his share. Now that we have been weeping bitterly, like the hunter, Akpabio is taking it lightly. He has refused to spare the baby leopards like the hunter. In the long run, spoon-feeding teaches us nothing but the shape of the spoon.

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