31 Oct
It’s no longer news that Senator Chris Ngige is running for Governor of Anambra State under the umbrella of the All Progressive Congress(APC) which was formed on 6 February 2013. The party is a result of an alliance by Nigeria’s biggest opposition parties-the Action Congress of Nigeria(ACN), the Congress for Progressive Change(CPC), the All Nigeria People Party(ANPP) and the All Progressive Grand Alliance(APGA). Now the crux of the matter is that after battling with Prof Dora Akunyili for the senatorial seat in 2011, one would presume he would stay put and be useful in the senate. But barely 2yrs after, he is leaving the senate to run as governor. Now my sources have it to think, that that action leaves many unanswered questions. First of which will be, did Senator Chris Ngige plot his way into the senate because he had foreseen this? Secondly, if he knew he wasn’t going to serve as senator, why deny another the opportunity? Though I have no answers to this, but it sure leaves one wondering. Prof Dora Akunyili had a long legal battle with Dr Chris Ngige, claiming the election figures were doctored. Dr Chris Ngige equally claims that Prof Dora had the backing of a higher political force. We definitely couldn’t ascertain who was being sincere or not. However, I got some information from my sources regarding wat transpired after court ruled in favour of Dr Chris Ngige. Dr Ngige had this to say; “I won the senatorial election twice but Akunyili through the instrumentality of Anambra State Government decided to take a gamble at the elections court to see if blackmail and even intimidation could assist them get what the electorate denied them on the field.” And Prof Akunyili had this to say; “Aware that the election was rigged in his favour, Dr Ngige did everything humanly possible to ensure that my petition would not be heard. His legal team employed tactics, using one crafty argument after another to frustrate the hearing of my case. Five times we went on appeal and give times we won, sometimes with fine against Ngige. Having done everything within our power to get justice, we must at this point accept the reality that our case will never be heard. Its a sad day for justice in our country because technicality has triumphed over merit.” With both statements from both parties, one was clearly under the impression something went amiss but couldn’t place it. That was years back! 2yrs after, coming to run for governor, sure leaves people asking again, who was telling the truth? Who did we ought believe and fight for? Though he once served as a Governor of Anambra State for 33 months between 2003-2006, many citizens of Anambra still have doubts electing him back into office.

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