AKWA Ibom Bishops Refuse to Pray For Udom

14 Oct
SSG Udom Emmanuel

SSG Udom Emmanuel

Akwa Ibom Bishops, who were invited to the government house shortly after the solemn assembly organized by Christian Association of Nigeria and the Akwa Ibom state government, during the Akwa Ibom state creation anniversary, turned down a request by the Akwa Ibom state governor, Chief Godswill Obot Akpabio, to pray for the Secretary to the Government of Akwa Ibom state, Mr. Udom Emmanuel as his successor.
One of the Clergy men present at the meeting hinted Weekend Insight that the governor had invited the clergy to the Hiltop Mansion for an after prayer luncheon. He stated that after entertaining the clergy men, the governor invited the SSG, who was present at the lunch to the center of the gathering. He was said to have introduced the SSG to his guests and extolled his qualities and his exploits at the banking sector. He told the men of God that he had “searched far and wide for a worthy successor and have fortunately seen a man that would be able to continue with what God is doing in Akwa Ibom State”.
The governor told the clergy men that he had to listen to the voice of justice and equity against the aspiration of his former SSG and was directed “by God to do justice for God to continue to bless our state”. The governor, we learnt said he had to seek for ways of stopping Umana in a most beneficial manner by nominating him for the position of the Managing Director of the NDDC. He said that after introducing him to the presidency, Umana simply declined and went ahead to declare for the governorship race. He said that at that point, he asked him to resign.
After a long and winding time on the desirability of a man like Udom Emmanuel, the governor was said to have requested the CAN chairman in the state, Bishop Cletus Bassey to pray for the aspiration of Mr. Udom, as that “was the will of God for the state”.
Weekend Insight learnt that Bishop Bassey and other clergy men in attendance were taken unawares by the governor’s request. Our source noted that Bishop Bassey, who in 2011, anointed Chief Akpabio as the one God had chosen to win that year’s election, composed himself and looked directly at the governor and told him that that was not the reason they were there for. He told the governor that he had not heard from God and therefore, he could not do what God has not directed him to do.
Bishop Bassey’s answer elicited wide acceptance among those present. The clergy men, however, agreed to pray for Akwa Ibom state, which they did, calling on God to continue to bless the state and make the state steadily experience peace.
Meanwhile the Akwa Ibom state governor, worried by the spate of negative prophecies against him had in a marriage ceremony of Prelate Isaiah Issong of The Believers Assembly Church at Mbiabong Etoi, Uyo, cautioned against believing such prophecies that God had already chosen a successor for him.
“Akwa Ibom people should make sure that they are not misled by fake prophecies from some clergy men who claim that God has anointed this person or that other person as Governor in 2015, rather we should all seek the face of God through prayers and allow God to take charge of the affairs of the state”, he observed.
There have been an increasing number of prophecies alleging that the governor’s anointed successor would be defeated.
It will be recalled, however, that Akpabio was the beneficiary of Bishop Cletus Bassey’s prophetic utterance, to the effect that he had been chosen to win the 2011 election, a prophecy that Akpabio believed and was to later come to pass.


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  1. Etim Sam October 14, 2013 at 12:05 pm #



    ` 11 OCT. 2013


    Government appointed Justices of the Peace in Akwa Ibom State have gone to court of competent jurisdiction to challenge the decision of the Commissioner for Justice and Attorney General, Ekpenyong Bassey Ntekim Esq, to revoke the appointments of all Justices of the Peace appointed from 1987 to July 9, 2012, without recourse to section 36 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 as amended or due process.

    The Justices of the Peace further seek a declaration that the notice of “Revocation of Appointment of Justice of the Peace instrument, 2010” with a commencement date of 11th October 2010 but published in the Pioneer Newspaper of Monday July 9, 2012 under the hand of the Hon. Attoney General and Commissioner for Justice, Akwa Ibom State is illegal, invalid and of no effect whatsoever.

    The matter which is already in Court 2, Uyo and would be decided by Justice Philomena Etim had already gone to the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly in a petition dated 16th April 2013. The claimants Obong Emenobong Essien Jp, Samuel Harrison Asuamion Jp, Elder Victor John Etukudo JP and Ikpe Wilson Etuk Jp suing on behalf of Justices of the Peace appointment from 1987 to July 9, 2012 are also seeking injunction restraining the Respondent and his agents, including Law Enforcement Agents from giving effect to the said Notice, instrument or order.

    The Claimants, along with over 200 others. Listed in exhibit G of the claimant, were sworn in as Justices of the Peace (JP) in Akwa Ibom state between 1987 and July 9, 2012. They had performed their functions in line with their mandate and without any disciplinary issues since they were sworn in.

    However, by notice of revocation published and referred to as exhibits A and B in the affidavit of the claimants, the Hon. Attorney General of Akwa Ibom State purported to revoke the appointments of the claimants, taking refuge under section 8(i) of the Magistrate’s Court Law Cap 82, Laws of Akwa Ibom State, 2000. The claimants contend to the contrary that the Hon Attorney General does not have the authority, competence or power to revoke any appointment of Justices the Peace:

    The names of Government Appointed Justices of the Peace in Akwa Ibom State Appointed from 1987 to 2009 and who are affected by the revocation order of the AG as contained in Exhibit G of the claimants has the name of the Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Chief Dr. Godswill Obot Akpabio, Engr. Patrick Ekpotu, Chief Umana Okon Umana and Lady Grace Awana (Late) others are Obong Ememobong Essien, Elder Etim Edet Sam, Obong Lambert Udoh, Envoy S. J. Udo, Chief Udofot Etukudo and Elder Samuel Etiekak. Others whose dignity and status have been eroded by the revocation order included, Lt. Col. O.S. Afangideh (Rtd), Elder Obong F.A. Ekainyang, Rev. Dr. Efanga Inyang, Bishop C. O. Akpan, Venerable Anietie James and Obonganwan Regina F. Willy among others. Hearing on the matter is fixed for Tuesday October 15, 2013.


    Hon. Clement Udede
    Director of Publicity


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