10 Sep

Press statement

Gov Akpabio

Gov Akpabio


Leave governor Akpabio alone the attention of the 31 Local Government Chairmen in Akwa Ibom State have been drawn to the ongoing smear campaigns and ludicrous acts by individuals and media agents of Mr. Umana Okon Umana , immediate past Secretary to the State Government of Akwa Ibom State, aimed at disparaging the person of His Excellency, Chief (Dr) Godswill Akpabio, Executive Governor of Akwa Ibom State.

It is common knowledge, as evidences abound, that these individuals and groups claiming allegiance to Mr. Umana Okon Umana have in recent times, particularly, from the time he (Mr. Umana) was relived of duty as Secretary to Government in a routine governmental tradition,

Umana-Ex SSG

Umana-Ex SSG

been blackmailing the State Governor, Chief Akpabio at various quarters, Especially to high ranking party and Government officials, all in furtherance of Umana Okon Umana’s ambition to rule Akwa Ibom State.

We are also aware that these group of persons have infiltrated the online and print-media platform through which negative newspaper and internet publications are made against the Governor, Chief (Dr0 Godswill Akpabio, in an attempt to introduce ethnic colouration into the politics of Akwa Ibom State and overheat the political space, thereby creating a multiplicity of falsehood all in a buidup to the 2015 governorship elections. Recent examples of such statements include acerbic releases by illusory groups such as the Movement for the Liberation of Akpakib Oro and in the fictitious Ibibio Elders Forum.

While we would not bother to glorify the ignorance churned out by these pseudo-groups and other rampaging individuals, it is appropriate to state that the administration of Chief Godswill Akpabio has, from its inception, made unity, equity and fair play it’s corner stone.

We are also aware of certain unscrupulous ploy by groups believed to have affiliations with the former Secretary to Government, top unleash mayhem in the state3 through mendacious indoctrination of some Ibibio elders and youth groups against the government of Chief Godswill Akpabio, among other gambits
However, we acknowledge that Mr. Umana Okon Umana has the right to vote and to be voted for if he so wishes, as enshrined the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, but it must be said that truth remains the foundation for sustainable development and unity in any society; and that any ambition that does not serve the collective good of any society is antithetical to the tenet of democracy and democratization.

At this juncture, certain fundamental questions are begging for answer: Why should anyone, including the former Secretary to the Government, Mr. Umana Okon Umana undermine Governor Akpabio’s magnanimity of giving him an opportunity to serve the state? Have blackmail and character assassination ever triumphed over truth, justice and fair play in any society? Can the influence of money becloud the sensibility and sense of justice of the good people of Akwa Ibom State?

WE the 31 local government chairmen in Akwa Ibom State hereby advice Mr. Umana Okon Umana, his groups and media agents to leave Governor Godswill Akpabio alone. They should desist henceforth, from making statements and taking actions that are capable of smearing the good image of His Excellency the Governor, whose tremendous goodwill stands as tribute to his strength of character, judgment, and preference for inclusion over partisanship.

It is on record that Akwa Ibom State, since its creation in 1987, has not witnessed such developmental leap as in the last six years. Accordingly, the Ibom International Airport, the brand new State University , the superlative governor’s lodge, the path breaking e-library, the 30,000 capacity International Stadium, the Ibom Tropicana Entertainment Centre, the trail blazing underground pip-jacking drainage system, the 1200 kilometers of 32 roads, the free compulsory and qualitative education at the primary and post primary and post primary school levels, free antenatal care for pregnant women and free medical care for children and aged, and the ongoing urban remodeling projects which have changed the status of Uyo to that of a cosmopolitan city among other life-touching projects, exemplify the purposeful leadership in the state under Chief Godswill Obot Akpabio?

To this end, we enjoin the good people of the state not to be deterred by the unscrupulous engagements of the enemies of the state whose pre-occupation today is sowing seeds of discords, but support the transformational, dynamics, proactive, and transformational dynamics, proactive, and result oriented leadership of Chief Godswill Akpabio, whose efforts at actualizing the unity project our forebears has been unprecedented.
We wish to assure the good people of Akwa Ibom that as leaders of government at the grassroots level; we shall galvanize support for the popular wish and desire of the people of Akwa Ibom State in respect of the governorship and other elections come 2015

Finally, we shall stop at nothing, to resist attempts now and in the future, by any individual or group to malign the good image of His Excellency the Governor of Akwa Ibom State, chief Dr. Godswill Obot Akpabio, as our commitment to the unity, peace, solidarity and sustainable development of Akwa Ibom shall remain unwavering

Signed by the 31 Local Government Chairmen in Akwa Ibom State


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