Umana Okon Umana: Who is Destroying Him?

2 Sep
By Thompson Essien 
ImageI cannot claim to know those that Umana Okon Umana can truly and faithfully confirm as friends. But I can authoritatively say that those who are running their mouths and making noises in the social media, claiming to support and defend Umana, are his worst enemies. And they are working feverishly to destroy him, much more than what Satan Godswill Akpabio did; sometimes I would wonder if they are not secret paid-agents of Godswill Akpabio.
I am referring to individuals such as Henry Akpabio and Iboro Otongaran and another beautiful young woman by the name of Esther Okono (just to name three). In the case of Esther Okono, she needs a special deliverance from God. I am mentioning them here under the assumptions that such are their true names—in the past, they signed into Akwa Ibom fora using all sorts of fictitious names.  
Every time I read a write-up from those who claim to defend and speak for Umana, I would surf the Facebook to see what they look like. Always, I would be disappointed that these young people, some young enough to be the grand-children of Umana Okon Umana, are the types that he would entrust with the promotion of his image. Often, I would wonder if these are the only set of people that are disposed for Umana to associate with.
There is nothing wrong with dealing with young people; I have a few of my own that are within the age range of those who speak for Umana.
The problem is that those who claim to advocate for Umana are irresponsible, uncouth, rude, tacky-looking, arrogant, insulting and immature in behavior, narrow minded, a bunch of liars, and very poorly educated; no wonder the old saying: “empty vessels make more sound.”
Umana Okon Umana is now a private citizen, and he needs to convey that message to his young supporters. And if he is still interested in running for the governorship of the state, then he needs to enlist the services of a professional image-maker to polish his brutally tarnished image, which Satan Godswill Akpabio has succeeded in doing.
Finally, Umana Okon Umana needs to understand that his so-called Facebook friends have always been, and are continuing to remain, his Facebook enemies; they are not helping him in any shape or form, except to scramble for his money. They are creating distractions.
The earlier Umana severs links with them, the better it would be for him to be able to reflect and make decision that would be on the basis of sound judgments, instead of being swallowed in the usual and familiar air of flatteries. Also, it might help him to move on with his life.
Essien is an Oregon based political analyst



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