2 Sep

By Soy Akoji

Goodluck Jonathan, Presidet of Nigeria

Goodluck Jonathan, Presidet of Nigeria

Following the disgraceful convention of the largest party in Africa, the PDP that is, President Goodluck Jonathan summoned an emergency meeting of all humblerrah governors last night at the Presidential villa.

Mr President openly begged the Gominas to stop disgracing him (GEJ) in public. He looked subdued, as he called on the governors to sheathe their sword.

If Mr President expected a reprieve and a soft pedal from the breakaway faction of governors, he was in for another rude SHOCK when the 7 dissident governors stayed away and sent Governor Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso to offer Jonathan two conditions for peace and for meeting with him :

1) President Jonathan should PUBLICLY announce his intention NOT to contest the 2015 presidential election, which has been identified as the ‘forcep origo’ the source of origin, that is, of the political crisis and tension in the country.

2) The Party (PDP 1 & PDP 2) should hold a fresh convention where Bamanga Tukur and other candidates imposed on the party by Jonathan and his goons shall be kicked out of their positions in the NEC for unbiased persons to be elected in a truly transparent, free and fair manner, which shall be audible to the deaf and visible to the blind!

President Jonathan has been unsettled by the public disgrace the breakaway faction of the PDP gave him during the convention at the Evil Square. He had invited President Obasanjo to his residence for advice. It was the Ebora of Owu and Father of Modern Nigeria Menace who personally stayed away from the Evil square that advised GEJ to invite the rebellious governors for a meeting. Jonathan was further unsettled when the breakaway governors sent only one of them, the RED cap wearing leader of the Kwankwasiyya movement to give him their conditions for peace which include inter alia, him (Jonathan) committing a political harakiri.

As it were, Jonathan is torn between the Devils alternative because which ever option he chose, men will die.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives is also contemplating pledging his allegiance publicly with the Leaders of PDP-2 faction. There are also speculations that other governors in PDP-1 will soon jump ship and declare their support for PDP-2.

The days ahead promises to be exciting, as a lot of political interest within the sinking PDP plan to abandon Mr Jonathan, the CLUELESS and his team of looters/THIEFING party THIEFTAINS, by openly pledging allegiance to the breakaway faction.

In the last line to Mr President!

A rebel force with superior tactics and political strategies in a war of attrition and belligerancy, has given you the recipe for peace in order to avoid chaos.

1) Stand down your mundane ambition for 2015.

2) Call for a new convention and discard the charade of last Saturday, where you are your goons entertained the world in a comedy series with speaker after speaker masturbating verbally in the village square, such that Godswill Akpos, your ERRANT BOY governor of Akwa Ibom state after drinking an overdose of adulterated Kain – kain mixed with Akpetenshi cannot tell the difference between Nigeria and Washington D.C in America. Jonathan himself was not left out from the comedy show when he declared that the PDP has delivered on all its promises to Nigerians inter alia.

Mr President, the collective good of the masses is far more important than your mundane non altruistic ambition to cling on to power just for the sake of being addressed as Mr President, in the absence of any positive clue on how to move the nation out of the doldrums. More so you lack track records or signatures of performance, save for blind looting, in short STEALING of our common patrimony!

A group of dissident rebellious governors from your so called largest party of thieves have given you the recipe for peace. A political harakiri! DO IT! Take the plunge!

By Sony Akoji


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