Governor Akpabio, When Will You Call It Quit On This Genocide!

20 Aug

It has never got this dirty that decent person will call it “I quit.” Mr. Akpabio you have headed one of worst government in the history of Nigeria, not just Akwa Ibom State, the blood shed (genocide) is far beyond that of Syria, Irag, Liberia, Iran or Afghanistan, the poverty rate has gone up to all time high even surpass the poverty level in Northern Sudan, but (you) AKS. is receiving millions of dollars every month oil allocation from the Federal Govt.. and you have nothing to show for except the death trap call fly-over and over quoted road construction contract with N2 Billion per Km. Well this is not important as lives that you are wasting.

Dr. Barrister, Obong, Adede, Baba, the Uncommon Transformer, Gov. Godswill Obot Akpabio. Is sending people to their early graves transformation? I am drawing this to your attention, if you were to be a decent man, since you can not or have no damage control tools – the best thing you should do is to resign and call it ” I quit “. Listen to me Akpabio, if I call you names such as idiot, it is because of the idiotic way our brothers and sisters are being murdered by your cult gang, as this is unprecedented in the annals of our dear state, Akwa Ibom; and as I am writing this piece, trust me you deserve it. How can you sit-down in that self acclaimed seat of governance, then our Mothers, Fathers, Future Leaders (youth), Our Children even Old Women are killed in a very shameful way and you still close your eyes at night and sleep! Is it true of the legendary story of your tribe not too long ago used to eat Human beings or is it of your cult involvement? I am just getting confused, Sir as to the level of genocide your allow to continue unabated!

Hey! I don’t get it. Let me ask you some interesting questions here! Asuming your mom was killed during other Administration what would have been your reaction?.

Listen, what are you doing about this senseless killings in the state or is it none of your business? Mr. Gov. I don’t think Eka Efanga (the mother of Barr Efanga) was your political opponent? Why was she killed is what many are curious to know! Is it because you could not get Barr Efanga himself you resorted to killing his mother? Or is it because, according to you: in your own words ” smashed and kill any-one that stand on our way to………”

How about Eka Ini Udonwa? What crime did she commit to deserve such brutal and humiliating killing by your PA? Yes, tomorrow you are ready to shed a crocodile tears “if i did it…” you would say.

What about Faith Udoh killed by one of your guard? As you can see I am crying for my people killed by your administration and more that you have promised to kill. Why can’t you call it quit on this killings, my brother? You sometime call your self ‘Promise Keeper’, was this meant to fulfill the ego of exterminating a tribe or just a delight to kill and kill; and just to kill, Mr Godswill Akpabio!

Mr Governor, enough of this killing! It is time you called it ” I quite. ” Akwa Ibom State does not deserve these senseless killings – Period!!!

Uwem Sam
Liberty Voice
Los Angeles.


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