Dear God May Godswill Akpabio Never Retire in Peace

21 May


                                  Dear God May Godswill Akpabio Never Retire in Peace
I am resigning from the Executive Council as Honourable Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs to create more time for my family and business” Former Commissioner Paul Ekpo—as reasons for resigning from the government of Akpabio. Three days later, he was selected as the Chairman of Akwa Ibom State version of PDP.
He said he would, from 2015, prefer to play an advisory role in political circles in addition to spending more time with his family, particularly to be more involved nurturing the growth of his children.”  Godswill Akpabio, blabbing his mouth about his retirement.
These are a bunch of liars, who think, no, who strongly believe, that they can mock God and get away without repercussions. After being responsible for the deaths of tens of Akwa Ibom people, initiated and presided over the incarcerations of many, not to talk of countless cases of kidnappings, rape, and assassinations, Godswill Akpabio really believes that he will retire from politics to become a king-maker of his cultists in Akwa Ibom State without paying the price for his sins.
He does not know what is awaiting him. He does not know that various spy agencies around the world are building cases against him for money laundering and other crimes; he needs to telephone James Ibori as soon as possible.
 Just because he is now free to travel around Nigeria paying millions to buy useless and meaningless awards, Akpabio does not know that his only savior is the Immunity Clause— a portion of the Nigerian Constitution, which he is now spending billions of the people’s money to block from being removed from the Constitution.
Maybe someone needs to tell Akpabio the truth. When he leaves the office in which he is now occupying through usurpation, God will give him only two options;
1.      He will die for his sins because the Bible states that the wages of sin is death.
2.      He will remain in prison as a consequence for all his sins.
The choice will be left for Akpabio to decide by either confessing to his sins and spend time in prison, or be in denial and go to hell by the route of death.
Meanwhile, let him continue to plan for his false hope of visualizing how he will have time to spend with his family. When the time comes, God will ask Akpabio if Philomena Udonwa did not wish to spend time with her family. God will ask him if Barrister Udonwa did not wish to spend time with his family. God will ask Akpabio if Chief Paul Inyang and Edidem James Obot did not wish to spend time with their families.
Every day, hungry children in Akwa Ibom State cry for food, but in vain because Akpabio has refused to pay salaries to their parents. Every day the youths of Akwa Ibom State roam the streets in search of work, but in vain because Akpabio has turned the State into a place where investors, who would create jobs, are afraid to come in to do business. The list of Akpabio’s failures, as a leader, goes on and on. Still, Akpabio thinks at the end, the tears of the hungry children and the cries of helpless youths will never come to haunt him?
Oh yes, he wants to be a king-maker. Right! He wants to be with his family. Right! Jimmy Cliff, the famous Jamaican musician said in a lyric from one of his albums; “Time will tell—time always tell.” Akpabio needs to listen to that song again, before he begins hallucinating about his future. Meanwhile, my prayer is; Oh God, may Godswill Obot Akpabio never retire in peace.
Written by
Ikpafak Thompson Essien
The Voice of the Poor Masses
Defender of the Oppressed
Social Critic
A native of Ibibio nation of Ubium Republic extraction, now living in the safe and beautiful city of Portland, Oregon,. Where no AKPF, ADUMA, ADV, and Akwa Ibom State politicians can reach

2 Responses to “Dear God May Godswill Akpabio Never Retire in Peace”

  1. Francis, Inyene Effiong June 19, 2012 at 12:23 pm #

    Hhhm, i strongly believe that there is a time for God to react,his long silence does not mean that; he has forgot the deed of every man.


  2. Ntuks August 9, 2012 at 5:14 am #

    Dis person should stop insulting the governor


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