17 Jan

Gov Akpabio looting Akwa Ibom State


The Press Release document signed by Dr. Augustine Ekwere and Dr Samuel Esema has come to the notice of IPU. While IPU is not interested in dissuading any individuals from forming or becoming members of any organization, we must however correct the impressions created by political jobbers for both the undemocratic government of the Godswill Obot Akpabio administration, and for the governorship candidacy of Umana Okon Umana, a member of that undemocratic and intolerant government.

(1) First and foremost Ibibio People’s Union, IPU, is not an appendage of ACN or of Senator Akpanudoedehe;

(2) IPU is an organization genuinely interested in peace, stability and justice; which are by-products of any genuinely run democratic government;

(3) IPU opposes any government, group or individuals who support undemocratic governance in our land;

(4) Ibibio People’s Union understands very well and knows that any true and genuine Democracy is tolerant of differing and opposing political opinions; which is not what is happening currently in Akwa Ibom State;

(5) IPU does not support any anti-democratic dispensation; and is in sympathetic support of all who have been victimized politically, in our beloved State, within and without opposing political parties and/or the governing party;

(6) As the whole world knows, the current government’s anti democratic stance has led to the victimization, incarceration, and intimidation of Senator John James Akpanudoedehe and many other citizens of Akwa Ibom State including Chief Imeh Umanah. With such persons lie our sympathy;

(7)The anti-democratic policies of the Godswill Obot Akpabio government negate every thing good in a government. It fosters intolerance and insecurity which have resulted in unsolved murders and kidnappings in our beloved state. The undeniable practices of victimizations and intimidations, by the government of Godswill Obot Akpabio, the root cause of the incessant insecurity in Akwa Ibom State, are facts which the signing and agreeing political jobbers of Uko Ibibio have refused to recognize and failed to acknowledge;

(8) IPU stands erect at the alter of justice to preach against injustice, deceit, and intolerance. Knowing fully well that there can be no peace without Justice, IPU, unlike any other organization in Ibibio land, seeks peace for all; by speaking truth and seeking justice for all who have been suppressed by the government of Godswill Obot Akpabio. If such a stance translates, in the minds of political jobbers, to “being agents of the ACN and Akpanudoedeghe”; we accept the charge of the political jobbers with honor;

(9) Uko Ibibio should remember that Thompson Essien and others within IPU, did not comment on Uko Ibibio formation or membership, until persons deceived by the political-jobber-founders of Uko Ibibio, disassociated themselves from Uko Ibibio, due to the fact that said political jobbers had deceitfully used the names of citizens who had no idea of

(a) The purpose of the meeting called by founding members of Uko Ibibio;


(b) Their names were fraudulently used to issue a communiqué on behalf of Uko Ibibio, without neither their consent nor their knowledge. It is against such unethical and deceitful practice that Thompson Essien and other members of the IPU family wrote against. Dr Augustine Ekwere and Dr Samuel Esema should concentrate on reversing such unethical practices instead of attacking IPU, or Thompson Essien or other citizens who kicked against their deceit.

(10) No official of IPU has ever, or will ever, take money from the purse of Akwa Ibom state government, or from any politician; in exchange for political support. We challenge Dr Augustine Ekwere and Dr. Samuel Esema to say the same of either their defunct AIDN, or of their persons, or of their current metamorphism for Umana Okon Umana – Uko Ibibio!

Nicholas Edet,

Secretary, IPU

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