SCAM OF WORMS: AKISAN President Buffer Eyo To Face Expulsion

15 Sep

Written By
Eno Adam INN/ Hayward, CA

If and when Miami Chapter of Akwa Ibom Association of Nigeria (AKISAN) holds its general meeting on the first Saturday of next month, being October 1, 2011, which coincides with the 51st Anniversary of Nigeria’s independence day, the president of AKISAN Mr Buffa Eyo (an Akpabio boy) will know his fate as a member of the chapter and  whether to continue in office, be expelled or suspended.
Last Saturday, Mr. Eyo dodged the bullet at this month’s general meeting of his chapter held at the home of the National PRO officer of the Association (Dr. Sonny  Abia) whose wife Inemesit Abia, MD, is Miami Chapter President. During the meeting there were lots of speeches, grievances and accusations leveled against Mr. Eyo during his one year in office. At the same time, they were not allowed to air their views whether by purpose or design or lack of time. Some issued were personal in nature with nothing to do with the association.

Since Mr. Eyo knows that he is a president by virtue of being a member of his Chapter and his Chapter holds the national secretariat with him as its representative, Mr. Buffer is putting all efforts to thwart his removal. He knows there is a mountain of wrongdoings against, including defrauding the association. For a small listing, please read below:-

o   taking credit for on-going medical missions that Nto Annang, ODU, Pro-Health, AIDN are equally taking credit in order to obtain money from AKISAN.
o   Claiming to have purchased medicine and medical supplies with $38,000 with no proof and collecting $20,000 already from the Board for it.
o   withdrawing/causing the sum of five thousand dollars ($5,000.00) to be withdrawn from association’s account without due process to travel to Nigeria
o   using AKISAN’s funds to transport non-AKISAN members to Akwa Ibom
o   non-adherence to National Constitution or Chapter’s Charter in the daily operation of the National Executive office
o   running/converting AKISAN as or to his private estate by using its debit card for his private use
o   causing Aniekpeno Mkpanah (a non-member and visitor) to read the president’s Citation at the Convention in place of the National Secretary Mr. Bassey Okon.
o   failure to deposit AKISAN’s funds collected at the convention within 48 hours as mandated by the National constitution
o   becoming a financial liability and otherwise for Miami Chapter as a representative and sponsored candidate from the chapter
o   showing disrespect for Miami Chapter Women during the last Convention – non-inclusion of their items including cultural dance in the program booklet and refusal to listen or amend it to accord them the proper place and recognition for a successful hosting of the convention
o   endorsing/media blitz of Gov. Akpabio for second term election as president of a non-profit cultural association in violation of the United States IRS rule
o   signing of an article written for him to support Gov. Akpabio for second term as president of a US non-profit organization
o   unconstitutional removal of Mr. Edet Udofia from Emergency Trust Fund (ETF) in the middle of his tenure and replaced with Mr. Peter Umoh. Mr. Udofia contested the last election with the president and lost by two votes.
o   Taking a unilateral decision to remove Mr. Bassey Okon, AKISAN Secretary without tabling the matter with the local chapter and showing no respect for the office
o   rebuking and accusing Mr. Okon in an executive meeting of lining up with “opposition” when Mr. Okon shook hands with, greeted and took pictures with Mr. Edet Udofia and Mr. Mike Essien (Legal Counsel) during October 16, 2011 First National Council Meeting.
o   Got $200,000 for security at the Convention from state government and has not reported/ accounted for it to the organization
o   Hired mercenaries to harass fellow Akwa Ibomites at the Convention
o   Was given N15,000,000 to split with three people and has not reported to the organization he represented
o   With another N75,000,000 in the till, sharing this one is causing a rift within the group

In the end two motions were raised last Saturday against Mr. Eyo: the first was/is to expel him from the chapter for his actions while the second, a counter motion was/is to suspend him from the local chapter. When it came time for vote and in order to save face and extend Mr. Eyo’s tenure to travel to Akwa Ibom for the State Birthday Celebration, Dr. Sonny Abia drove members of his chapter away from his home with the support of Mr. Ita Ntekim, the VP of the association. As of yesterday, the chapter president already has embarked upon calling some members to level with and soften their pedals against Mr. Eyo. Besides Mr. Buffer Eyo being roundly condemned by his chapter, some of the actions of the national president may lead to IRS having to revoke the status of the organization and steps must be taken to curb his excessiveness in the interest of the Association.

Appendage: It would be recalled that Gov Godswill Akpabio used  millions of Naira during the election period of last year in support of Bufa Eyo who will do his bidding all the time. This is the same thing that he goes around doing in order to place his candidate in all Akwa Ibom State Diaspora groups. One of the reasons for this is to pave way for  him to canvass for more awards and brew sycophants.

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